Happy Souls

Nikita Patwa


Melbourne Australia

Mala K G

Fremont, California

This review is long overdue, and I do appreciate Dr. Trupti’s patience with me.

I contacted Dr. Trupti to provide guidance so I could help my daughter with her post-partum care. I was not very aware of how to take care of her when she had her first pregnancy and she went through quite a few issues regarding her own health, breastfeeding, getting adequate breast milk quick enough, etc. With her second pregnancy, I was determined to nurture her and make her health a priority.

Since we live in the US and away from family, we were challenged with having the right knowledge, getting support from elders, getting the right ingredients for post-partum care not to mention her gestational diabetes and the pandemic which added another complexity. I reached out to Dr. Trupti in my daughter’s 3rd trimester and gave her a detailed breakdown of what I needed support for. I must say I was overly impressed with her right from day one. She is a great listener, has a great wealth of knowledge, very patient, and a very responsive doctor. She reviewed my daughters’ medical reports and knew exactly what to recommend for us. She gave us detailed instructions on how to start preparing from the last trimester itself, gave us detailed diet charts on what to eat/when to eat/how much to eat, what ayurvedic medicines to take, how to care for the baby, how to start preparing to breastfeed and was there guiding us every step of the way. When I was challenged with getting her recommendations in the US, she went one step ahead and even researched what was available locally and suggested alternatives. My daughter had her breast milk established right away and she got quickly on her feet very soon with the care that she got from Dr. Trupti.

I cannot thank Dr.Trupti enough and would recommend her wholeheartedly if anyone wants to use her services. She is the most caring, dedicated, and sincere person that I have ever known. I did not know anything about her but had only chosen her by googling names. Finding Dr. Trupti and choosing her to be our doctor was one of the best decisions that I ever made!! I will be sure to use her in the future too for other than just post-partum care as well!

Pallavi Pawar

Pune, India

I came to know about the weight loss program and I contacted Dr. Trupti. She discussed all my eating habits, work routine and according to that, she designed my diet plan. It was 3 months and I lost 9 kgs. This weight loss program and diet worked like a magic for me. The trupt wellness team was there to answer all my queries. I was suffering from PCOD and Thyroid which was a major concern for weight gain. I tried many other ways before like gym, aerobics, Zumba but it didn’t work, unfortunately. Trupt wellness diet was helpful for me. It was easy to go diet, nothing fancy. All the ingredients were available at home and so it made me cook every day by myself. Everyday diet is different so it wasn’t boring. Dr. Trupti designed weekly charts for me and the journey was fun.

Everyone looking at me asks about my secret now. This journey is from XL to Medium. I happily updated my wardrobe. It’s been 6 months of completion of my program and I have not gained any weight after switching to my regular diet and this is the best part of this program. Thank you so much, Trupt wellness team, and Dr. Trupti for making me feel younger.

Pooja Gupta

Customer Success Manager at iMumz
Faridabad, Delhi NCR

I am glad that I opted for the weight loss program from Trupt wellness as it had been an amazing journey of reducing weight and gaining the right nutrition needed by my body. Doctor Trupti and the team have been quite helpful with my daily queries and the program also helped me in getting my irregular menses on track.

All the recipes were amazing to cook and easy to follow. Kudos to Trupt wellness for bringing amazing changes. I am confident enough to replace my XL size with S now 😉

Namrata Shaw Chaturvedi

Drama Teacher, Mumbai

Hi, My name is Namrata and I am 41 years of age. I strongly believe that the diet which was recommended by Dr.Trupti has effectively contributed to my IVF success so far. As I had tried IVF a couple of times before too but it failed. Also my gratitude to Dr.Trupti for always being available and listening to me patiently, not only during the regular monthly consultations but even when I have the tiniest of queries or fear about something. She always explains the science behind the problem in a very simple way. For any woman, first pregnancy is always full of doubts and anxiety and Dr.Trupti has definitely been a strong support system to ease out the difficulties. Thank you Dr.Trupti for your genuine guidance.

Bhakti Shetye

Engineer, Oregon, USA

Enrolling in pregnancy and postpartum diet program with Trupt wellness was one of the best decisions we made. Dr. Trupti was really helpful and always quick to respond to any queries even when we are timezone apart. She gave me a personalized diet plan each week and followed up timely about my health. It is not just the diet, Trupt wellness sent helpful pregnancy-related information as well as meditation, music videos, positive quotes, stories that helped me keep stress levels low and feel more connected to the baby. She has in-depth knowledge of Ayurveda and she can handle any health issues during pregnancy. I highly recommend Trupt Wellness.

Zaheera Banu

HR, Hyderabad, India

I am a first-time mom who was struggling with latching issues so I was exclusively pumping and later I felt my milk supply had gone down so I was desperately searching YouTube for ways to improve the milk supply that was when I came across Trupt wellness, and I saw Dr. Trupti sharing tips and diet plans on how to improve the milk supply, I browsed through the comment section and found a number to contact them.

I was given a one-month diet plan and a few tips and tricks to improve Baby’s latching. I could immediately see improvement in my milk supply and with the confidence, I was given by Dr. Trupti I started directly nursing my baby, and every time I had a doubt or I felt a lack of confidence I was motivated and shown the right path. Dr. Trupti’s encouragement had me going and thankfully I am still nursing my daughter directly instead of pumping. I had many anxious moments and self-doubts but Dr.Trupti helped me throughout. She also identified the problem and provided solutions. Anyone having issues with a low milk supply should definitely contact her. She is the solution you are looking for.