The only time a human’s DNA can be changed is in the womb. Mother is the architect of her baby. She has the power to shape her baby in the womb itself. Each second of your pregnancy counts. The environment, attitude, food, thoughts, emotions, sight, state of Mind, and the communication of a pregnant woman decides the foundation of emotional quotient, intelligence quotient, and spiritual quotient of the growing baby in the womb.

The majority of a baby’s personality traits are shaped in 9 months of pregnancy. Each and every woman aspire to a virtuous baby. Aspirations are always high but the efforts to match those fail. Trupt wellness is that missing thread that helps you to achieve what you expect.

Blissful Pregnancy Program

The program is majorly divided into 7 stages.

Personalized Diet chart are designed to fulfill nutrition demand of growing fetus and mother on weekly basis.

Appropriate exercises, activities and meditation routines are provided to keep mother fit and prepare her for the birth process.

Classical Ragas will have a deep impact on the mother’s mind and will help her in baby development phase. Ragas are chosen as per ayurveda recommendations.

Prenatal communication and baby bonding exercises are provided in this program. Guided audio of taking with baby will kick start the connect session of mother and baby in the womb.

Spiritual Mantras and Shlokas helps to keep mind calm and create positive vibes around mother and baby.

Intelligent stories having messages about virtues and values will help to pass good thoughts to the baby.

Guidance of lifestyle changes as per progressing week will allow mother to enjoy her pregnancy.

The Blissful Pregnancy Program contains the following resources.


There is no need to tell you that your foetus is completely dependent on you for the nourishment it needs to grow well. 
Ayurveda – the ancient science has recommended some specific diet in each month and weeks of pregnancy as per the need of mother’s body and foetal development demand. 
The foundation of the immune system is laid down in foetal life itself so it is a majority of the mother’s diet that decides the diseases which your baby will be at risk of in her adulthood. 
We provide weekly diet charts as per your food culture, eating habits, accessibility of ingredients, and the associated medical conditions.


Classical Music raagas 
The specific Indian classical Raagas are advice by Ayurveda to listen in pregnancy and postpartum days. Practicing this music at a specific time has more impactful reverberations on your baby development and your mental well-being
Music is the purest language of love. We insist to show your love and care through the beautiful piece of Indian classical music. 
We send audios of raagas bi-weekly


Garbhsamvaad (prenatal communication)
Prenatal Science has come to the conclusion that a child’s personality traits take shape in the womb itself. When the mother converse with the child in the womb child starts feeling secured and loved. Positive talks and thoughts create a good environment in the womb and allow the baby to grow into a strong, healthy, and happy being.  Also, Babies began to absorb languages when they are in the womb during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy.
We provide weekly garbhsamvaad audios (talk to baby exercises) to practice.

mother and foetal development

Baby development and Changes in mother 
You have the complete right to know how your baby is growing from a tiny dot to a 3 kg infant. The more you gather knowledge about your ongoing phase, the more you will be connected to your baby and body. 
The information about coming changes in your body will help you to keep calm and tackle them well without irritation 


Thoughtful Stories 
Reading or listening to the intelligent stuff during pregnancy actually laid the sound foundation of intelligence quotient in the brain of your child. 
Thoughtful stories provide you positive insights, which helps to keep your attitude positive.  
Pregnancy is a high time where you need to rebuild your thought process and replenish your virtues and values.
We send audios of short and sweet stories with good morals every week.

Spiritual Content

Spiritual content 
Ayurveda believes in the indulgence of the soul as a separate entity and so it is very important to surround your soul with positive reverberations in this delicate phase. 
Ayurveda advises reciting and practice specific mantra chanting each month. 
We provide spiritual content and mantras to chant 

Strengthen your body

Strengthen your body 
Proper exercises at different trimesters are very important and necessary during pregnancy. 
You definitely need a guide who can advise the stretching exercises, yoga poses, breathing patterns trimester-wise. 
These not only make you confident but increase your endurance to withstand the labor process well. 
We provide exercise guidance through videos, posts as per your ongoing month 


Mindfulness meditations 
Daily meditations have the capability to train your mind to gather courage, endurance, and patience for pregnancy lows and the upcoming childbirth process. The brain is a very magical organ. It drives your body as per the command. 
We give different types of weekly meditation audio’s to practice daily which gives positive directions to your thoughts and keep you at peace to enjoy the pregnancy experience

Tip of the week

Tip of the week 

 Important pitching points are given in these posts as your pregnancy advances. Following these tips will ensure your smooth pregnancy experience. 
Tips are easy to follow, best for your health creates no complications, and most importantly safe for each pregnant woman. 
These tips are given weekly by our experts and as per Ayurvedic science. 

Nutrition facts

Nutrition facts 
The intention and impact of the ingredients added to your diet are a must-know for you. Also, the  Ayurvedic recipe procedures are sent to help you follow the diet appropriately and gain maximum nutrition out of it. 
We send posts about the nutrition composition and qualities of the foods added to the diet.

Lifestyle modifications

Lifestyle modification 

The human body needs to adapt to a lot of changes as pregnancy progresses. Not only the organs but even the bones bear the burden of the growing uterus. To make things easier one needs to adopt some different lifestyle changes than normal. These modifications will give you relief in a lot of aches, pains, and discomfort 
We provide weekly lifestyle modification posts to help you out in those tough times of the pregnancy journey 


Positive Affirmations 
Positive affirmations have been proved to be the best emotional
Support and encouragement 
These Affirmations 
-help and reduce anxiety 
-boost self-worth and self-esteem 
-reduces negative thoughts harming your psyche 
-put your mind to calm at the end of the day with positive emotion
Your daily mornings will be started with these lovely and hope-filled affirmations.

Activity of the week

The activity of the week
When one engages in creativity it helps to ease depression, reduce pain and stress, tune your state of mind into harmony. And these are clinically studied facts. 
Creativity secrets good neuropeptides in the mother’s body which activates the centers of joy, happiness, and excitement in a baby’s developing brain which helps to grow your child into a happy and content human. 
We give different activity homework every weekend which includes drawing, painting , DIY’s, plantation, and many more things.

Knowledge bits

Knowledge bits 

Knowledge is confidence and we truly believe in it. If you have sound knowledge of this phase then you can deal quite well with it.

We share correct and authentic knowledgeable posts related to factors like vaccination, medications, associated medical conditions in pregnancy, and many more areas. 
These posts are sent weekly and sufficient enough to enlighten you about this delicate phase of pregnancy.

24x7 experts support

Doctor’s consultation 
Pregnancy is a completely new and different experience for first-time moms. You might have a lot of questions 10 times a day. Here you need a medical expert to calm down your anxiety and doubts by answering all your concerns. 
We provide 24×7 chat support where you can ask us anything related to pregnancy and we are just there. 
call with Dr. Trupti once a month is the best part of this program.