weight loss

weight loss

The word “healthy” makes a remarkable difference in this program than others. Crash diets will crash your sanity and health as well. When it comes to health, time is the most necessary ingredient. Weight loss is all about reversal and Reversing the pathology is possible with a planned strategy. This program contributes a 12-week plan. We in this program work on the kaaran (causative factors), samprapti (Pathophysiology), lakshan (symptoms), and chikitsa (treatment- medicines).

Loose weight and not the fitness, Loose fat and not the strength.

Healthy weight loss program

The program is majorly divided into 4 stages.

As per Ayurveda, all Sapta Dhatus(7 layers of tissues) are nourished through Aahar (Diet). So the word “Healthy” is intuitively used in our program. we promote weight loss without hampering your health and fitness. Diet plans are designed in such a way that you lose extra kilos and excess fat (apachit meda). our expert doctor designs a customized weekly diet as per your food culture, lifestyle, and prakriti (body constitution)

Exercises are a major part of human health. This program guides you to exercise properly as per the need to burn and utilize appropriate calories. Exercise patterns are specially designed by experts including both traditional yoga and modern workout.

Stress is a major factor in the etiology of abnormal weight gain. Our Program provides weekly guided audios of meditations and affirmations designed to practice daily. Meditation is an effective non-pharmacological way to reduce stress and anxiety. It helps to maintain a positive attitude, control the secretion of stress hormones in your body, relax your mind and train it to work in the way it should be.

Regular doctor”s connect is very important to understand the progress of the program. Our program provides on-call consultation with the patient. The doctor continuously keeps on modifying the diet, exercise, or lifestyle routine, as per need and performance. The doctor also helps the patient with medicines, prescriptions, and needful investigation about a related health issue during the program.

The Healthy Weight Loss Program contains the following resources.


Weight loss is not only about loosing fat but gaining appropriate muscles simultaneously. Diet plays pivotal role in both these transformations. Each ingredient has its own specific role in the system. Intelligent use of the ingredients is the key factor to a healthy weight loss. 
We provide weekly diet charts in this program considering your associated medical conditions and assure a fat to fit journey

Healthy food is not necessarily good for guts but hard on taste buds. Since you have accepted the importance of a healthy diet and took a step forward to make it your lifestyle, we are taking a step forward to make your meal not only delicious but visually appealing too.
We are blessed with numerous cereals, pulses, vegetables, and spices, let’s make better use of all these heavenly edibles and garnish our plates. Here are some of them, we shall provide more of such recipes and urge you to bring out the chef in you and extend the list.


train your mind

Train your mind 
Researchers have found the direct links between stress hormones and metabolic processes. Stress is a crucial factor which is carried by every age in some or other ways and a top list factor to contribute unwanted weight gain 
We take care of your sanity in this program. Ayurveda’s “satvavajay chikitsa” is the base of this area. Affirmations to be firm on the path , mindfulness meditations to be consistent and improve the patience are few resources we provide.

Strengthen and tone your body

Strengthen and tone your body 
Weight loss without exercise is a fool’s strategy. 70% of the process is all about diet but 30% cannot be replaced by anything but exercise only. Toning your muscles and gaining muscle strength is the must-do part of this section 
We provide weekly exercise patterns as per your comfort and ability.

Experts connect chat support 24x7

Experts connect (chat support 24×7) 
A goal cannot be achieved without a coach. Knowledge is the key to success. Once you understand the process, it gives you more confidence and clarity about your goal. 
We provide 24×7 chat support to motivate, clarify your doubts, share recipes, build up emotional support and keep you going.