If we dig out the ancient wisdom, Ayurveda focuses on the concept of beej shuddhikaran “बीज शुध्दिकरण “ and beej sanskar “बीज संस्कार” which contributes the factors like partners physical and emotional detoxification, specific diet intake, Ayurvedic medicines, the mating time, mating process, the place for process and many more. 

This program is completely designed on the basis of Ayurvedic science. 

Dr Trupti insists to take the benefit of this program to each and every couple who is planning to conceive and not only to those who have fertility issues. Always desire and put effort into a healthy progeny in advance.


The program is majorly divided into 6 stages.

As per Ayurveda, all Sapta Dhatus(7 layers of tissues ) are nourished through Aahar (Diet). Shukra dhatu (ovum in female and Sperms in the male) is the last dhatu to be nourished in the list of 7 dhatus. Diet plays a vital role in improving and maintaining the quality of sperm and the health of the ovum which raises the chances of healthy progeny. Our Program gives a personalized weekly diet chart as per the hormonal physiology of the body.

Exercise and Meditation create a deep impact on physical and mental health. Meditation is an effective nonpharmacological way to reduce stress and anxiety. Our Program provides guided audio of meditations designed to practice daily. Also, Exercise guidance is included in the program to enhance the fertility and efficiency of reproductive organs.

Positive affirmations help to boost your good hormones. They help to build a strong sense of self-worth which improves your well-being. Our program provides positive affirmations that will help you in the pre-conception phase to maintain a good attitude.

Modern-day lifestyle is the basis of many problems in pregnancy. The slightest change in the lifestyle helps to enhance the change of conception and create a healthy progeny. Our Program guides to modify the daily activities and synchronize them with the biological clock. Our guidance helps to create a balance that will resolve most of the issues occurring due to a sedentary lifestyle.

Ayurveda and modern science believe 1% of the cause of infertility and poor pregnancy is unknown. This unknown factor is stated as the ‘DAIVA’ aspect by Ayurveda. Mantras and Shlokas help to keep couples surrounded by positive vibes and reduce this 1% chance of poor pregnancy & infertility. Our Program provides Mantras and Shlokas to recite, which will keep you connected to your spirituality, makes you mentally strong, and will help you to surround yourself with positive vibes.

Regular doctor connection is very important to understand the progress of the couple in the pregnancy preparation process. Our program provides on-call consultation with the patient. The doctor performs any modification required in the diet, exercise, or lifestyle routine. The doctor also helps the patient in medicines, prescriptions and needful investigation abut any issue during the pre-conception phase.

The Pre-conception Preparation Program contains the following resources.


Your fertility is driven by the food you eat. you can find the list of researches which show the impact of specific kinds of food on the sperm count, sperm motility, quality of ovum and lastly all the reproductive hormones. Ancient sciences focus a lot on preconception preparation in order to achieve a healthy progeny.
our diet is designed based on selective micronutrients contributing to reproductive health, the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Prakriti (body constitution of the partners), and associated medical conditions. Diet plans are provided for both partners as conception has an equal contribution of the two.



Many scientists believe that stress and fertility are linked and stress has a 30% of contribution to fertility problems. Also, studies show that anxiety has a negative effect by prolonging the time needed to conceive.
conception is a lot more than a physical process. Partners state of mind, purity of soul, willingness to give birth to a child and many more factors count.
We take care of your sanity in this program through guided affirmations, mindfulness meditations




spirituality and fertility have a surprising link. Infertility or fertility has a lot to do with spirituality. As per Ayurveda “garbh” (embryo) is not only the fusion of sperm and ovum but also a soul which makes it alive. The whole essence of creation in its entirely is spirit. Fertility is first about your shift into parenthood, as a couple, which comes well before conception. It begins with your true desire to begin a new family. This desire serves as an invitation to the new soul. In this way, fertility is equally spiritual and emotional as it is physical.

we guide you in prayers, mantra chanting, and following some spiritual practices which allow you to improve the self-belief.




Exercise not only improves your fertility but also prepares your body for pregnancy. Getting into a good fitness routine before getting pregnant will also improve your self-esteem building your confidence.
Intensity, duration, and type of exercise do matters when it comes to fertility.
Intense exercise lowers progesterone and throws off your hormone levels.
we provide a proper exercise routine including yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises), stretching exercises, aerobic exercises as per the patient’s capacity and BMI.




Less active lifestyle, continuous exposure to peer pressure, unhappy relationships, more expectations, sedentary jobs, low immunity, and the list is long. Each one of these is contributing somehow to the role of conception.
we take care of your lifestyle right from the sleep cycle to your work-life balance.
Ayurvedic practices like “dincharya” are boon at such times.



The majority of times the couples don’t need medicines and things get solved easily with the above 5 changes. In some cases, one needs to take the help of medications. Our expert doctor will consult you from time to time for the same. 
Regular chat support by an expert team is provided to boost your confidence and keep you motivated.