Mandala Art Therapy Book


When to use

Start coloring the mandalas in the Mandala Art Therapy Booklet from the 5th day onwards once you are settled and need me-time. 

How to use

 Use colored pencils or crayons given in the kit to color the mandalas. Start from the center and continue coloring in a clockwise direction. Do this activity when your baby sleeps so that you can achieve peace by engaging solely in the activity. As you go further in the booklet, the mandala complexity increases which needs more concentration and time so you can complete one mandala in two days. 


  • Mandalas ease depression, reduce pain, and stress, and tune your state of mind into harmony.
  • Helps in postpartum blues, mood swings, and depression.
  • Increases your cognition and concentration which becomes poor during the postpartum phase due to sudden hormonal shifts.
  • It creates positive vibes around you keeping your attitude good.
  • Color psychology believes in the impact of colors on the human psyche and thought process. Coloring mandalas does the healing.