Ubtan (250gms)


How to use 

Use ‘Udvartana churna’- ayurvedic herb mixture given in the kit instead of soap for during a hot water bath post abhyanga massage. Mix a little water in udvartana churna and make a paste. Apply the paste all over the body with gentle pressure so that the pores under the skin open up and help the oil to absorb in the skin better and cleanses the excess oil.  We recommend the use of udvartana churna after daily massage for the first 6 weeks after delivery and weekly twice till 6 months.


  • The herbs in the udvartana churna improve skin health and the complexion lost due to pregnancy hormones.
  • Increases the tone and strength of muscles.
  • Works as a natural deodorant and provides freshness.
  • Helps in losing excessive weight and getting back into good shape.

When to use

Pregnancy – Start using Udvartana Churna during bathing from the 3rd day of normal delivery and the 8th day of c-section.

General – Udavartana Churna is a form of Ubtan with original Chandan extracts. It can be used daily for aroma and flawless skin.