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Sutika Arogyam

Motherly care for a new mother.

Balant Kadha 1

  • Pacifies the vitiated vata dosha in the mother’s body.
  • Kindles the digestive fire (Agni) which aids digestion.

Balant Kadha 2

  • Helps in the involution and strengthening of the uterus.
  • Regulates vaginal bleeding.

Balant Kadha 3

  • Maintains hormonal balance after childbirth.
  • Promotes lactation (milk production) and boosts the immune system of new mothers.

Mahanarayan Tel

  • Lowers stress hormones and helps in preventing PPD (postpartum depression).
  • Relaxes muscles and relieves pain. 
  • Reduces swelling and improves circulation.
  • Oil massage on breasts helps to prevent milk lump formation and reduces breast engorgement, continuing the smooth supply of milk.

Bala Tel

  • Promotes muscle strength and energizes the child.
  • Strengthens and tones muscles.
  • Improves the baby and mother’s bond.
  • Increases the immunity of the child.
  • Helps in the nourishment of the growing brain.
  • Allows the baby to relax and improves sleep quality.
  • Aids digestion.

A2 Gir Cow Ghee

  • Pure A2 Gir cow ghee reduces stiffness in the body and gives mobility to the joints. 
  • Restores skin moisture and also helps in postpartum hemorrhoids. 
  • Nourishes brain cells and reduces mood swings. 
  • Reduces bloating, and constipation and improves digestion.
  • Nourishes all the sapta dhatus  (tissues) helping them recover faster.

Udavartana Churna

  • The herbs in the udvartana churna improve skin health and the complexion lost due to pregnancy hormones.
  • Increases the tone and strength of muscles.
  • Works as a natural deodorant and provides freshness.
  • Helps in losing excessive weight and getting back into good shape.

Balya Kalp

  • Accelerates postpartum recovery.
  • Improves and increases breast milk supply.
  • Helps in postpartum depression, anxiety, insomnia, and sadness.
  • Provides energy and reduces postpartum fatigue.
  • Regulates hormonal imbalance.
  • Improves hemoglobin levels.
  • Reduces acidity.

Dhupan Dravyas

  • Accelerate wound healing (episiotomy or C-section stitches).
  • Prevents genital infections and puerperal sepsis.
  • Yoni dhupan helps to prevent genital infection and puerperal sepsis. It also helps in wound healing in the perineal area.
  • Due to its analgesic action, dhupan also reduces udar shoola i.e. after pains caused due to retraction of the uterus.
  • Relax muscles and do vata shaman
  • Fumigation is effective to disinfect the clothes of the mother and baby, the room, and household items like bedding, and utensils. 
  • Protect from future degenerative disorders (joint pain, knee pain, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain), headaches, rhinitis, sinusitis, and hair fall.

Pippali Mula Churna

  • Ignites digestive fire (agni) and accelerates digestion.
  • Balances all three doshas.
  • Relieves bloating, constipation and soothes heartburn.


  • The analgesic effect reduces udarashoola i.e after-pains. 
  • Reduces flatulence, increases appetite, and cures indigestion
  • Increases breast milk secretion.
  • Pacifies vata dosha, and reduces acidity.

Shunthi Vati

  • Good postnatal tonic.
  • Improves the quality of breastmilk.
  • It Aids digestion and increases appetite.

Postpartum Affirmation Cards

  • The unique message on these cards goes well with the physical pain, thoughts, and emotions of the mother during all 6 weeks of postpartum which helps her both mentally and spiritually to cope more strongly.
  • Affirmations help to gather strength and motivate positively through the tough initial learning phase of motherhood. 
  • Helps in postpartum recovery.

Mandala Art Therapy Book

  • Mandalas ease depression, reduce pain, and stress, and tune your state of mind into harmony.
  • Helps in postpartum blues, mood swings, and depression.
  • Increases your cognition and concentration which becomes poor during the postpartum phase due to sudden hormonal shifts.
  • It creates positive vibes around you keeping your attitude good.
  • Color psychology believes in the impact of colors on the human psyche and thought process. Coloring mandalas does the healing.

Ashtiposhak Laado

  • Strengthen bones and joints weakened during pregnancy and 
  • Childbirth. 
  • Increases breast milk production. 
  • Reduces postpartum hair fall and fatigue. 
  • Maintain hemoglobin levels. 
  • Does vata-shaman in the body prevent mothers from degenerative disorders in the future like back pain, headaches, and joint pain. 
  • Optimize hormonal balance.
  • Improves sleep quality.

Gomaya Samidh

  • Prevent infections and purifies the air with its antibacterial properties

The Sutika Arogyam postpartum kit includes a combination of 19 essential ingredients and Ayurvedic products required to follow the sutika paricharya (postpartum regimen explained by Ayurveda) smoothly. Following the postpartum regimen for the first 45 days of delivery ensures a woman’s good health for the next 45 years.