Bala Tel

500 ml

  • Promote muscle strength and energize the child.

  • Promote a good sleep. 

  • Strengthens and tones muscles.

  • Improves nerve conduction.

  • Support a child in a stressful or changing environment.

For Shishu Abhyanga

 Supports developing muscle tone in children. Calms the nerves and pacifies the ‘vata’

For Nabhi Puran

Bala tel when used in ‘Nabhi puran’, nourishes foetal growth and the mother’s skin health.

For Pada Abhyanga

Bala tel when used in pada abhyanga relieves joint pains, tingling numbness, heel pain, sciatica, and pedal edema.

Nurturing Bonds and Enhancing Development

Bala tel has an active ingredient called Bala (sida cordifolia) which is a potent neuroprotective herb. It is a well-known nervine tonic.
Bala oil used for Shishu abhyanga (baby massage) supports the development of muscle tone in children. The blend of bala with sesame oil is nourishing for the muscles and tissues. Bala helps to support energy and the nervous system, it also calms the nerves and pacifies ‘vata’. Daily massage with Bala Tel keeps the child active and happy.

Our Ayurvedic Approach


When to use

Start using Bala tel for massage of the baby from the 3rd day of normal delivery and the 6th day of c-section once the mother and baby are back home. Mid-morning time is preferred (10 am – 12 pm).


How to use

  • Take the required amount of warm oil in a bowl.
  • Chant Mantras, Shlokas, and Bhajans during the massage.
  • The massage should be gentle followed by a warm water bath.


Keep in mind

  • Massage should be done by the mother only once she is ready to do baby chores.
  •  A 20-minute massage is enough for the relaxation of the muscles and tissues and nourishment of the skin.
  • We recommend daily massage for the first 12 months of the child’s age and on alternate days till 24 months.



  • Promotes muscle strength and energizes the child.
  • Strengthens and tone muscles.
  • Improves the baby-mother bond.
  • Increases the immunity of the child.
  • Aids digestion

Renew Yourself With Ayurveda

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Balamoola (Sida cordifolia) extract

Sesame oil

Bala tel by Trupt Wellness is made with fresh, pure, and authentic herbs 🌿 This oil is prepared with Classical procedures without using any chemicals or preservatives by the expert Vaidyas.