Bonding with your child

Garbhasamvad – Bonding with your child

Have you ever seen a to-be mother talking to her womb? To-be fathers too cannot resist and can be seen talking to their unborn child in the sweetest way. Although it seems a bit weird, it is a common practice.


What is Garbhasamvad?


The special conversation with the unborn child is termed as Garbhsamvad.

We all converse with God on regular basis. Talking with God needs no specific language, place, or order of talking. It’s all about pouring your heart in front of the Almighty.

Well, Grabhasamvad is on a similar line. You converse with your child, with complete trust that he understands you. Sharing your feelings, happiness, worries, highs & lows, everything that strikes your mind and heart is shared with baby.


What to talk about in garbhasamvad?


Garbhasamvad is not only about sharing your daily activities and the routine with your baby.

Nor is it just giving the inputs about all those virtues and values which you want your baby to carry after birth. One needs to couple this storytelling with experiences too.

The actual intention of garbhasamvad is to make yourself a better version of your own and imbibe all those virtues and values in yourself which you aspire to put in your child. 

You need to widen your perception about each virtue and value first and then tell those insights to your child. 


Never consider your child as a small baby with a small brain and talk accordingly. Always consider your child as the most intelligent person while practicing garbhasamvad. The emotions behind your words matter and not the vocabulary. 

You can read a lot of intelligent stuff available in the market but you have to understand it first by co-relating it with your thoughts, by co-relating it with your life situations, and then share that thought with your child.


With such practice, every day will be new learning for you, your perception will get wider and your personality will turn more positive day by day and this is the perfect way of giving Garbhasanskar to your child. 


How it Impacts?

These practices will lay the sound foundations of the intelligence, emotional, spiritual quotient of the child. Eventually making your child more intelligent, good at critical thinking, with good analytical skills, a decision-maker, more creative, and most importantly will be an emotionally balanced child. A child with high self-respect, high self-worth, high self-love, and high self-esteem is the ultimatum of this practice.


How and when to practice garbhasamvad?

1. The best time to practice is bedtime, take out 15-20 minutes before going to bed.

2. Sit in a comfortable position on your bed. You can take the help of pillows to support your back. Let your body and mind be in a relaxed mode and free from the thoughts of daily chores.

3. Start practicing garbhasamvad in your mother tongue as this is the language in which the mother thinks naturally without filtration of any words. Later, you can include a maximum of 5 languages in your talk with the baby. The fetal brain has immense capability to grasp, use maximum languages and it will be registered in their brain and make it easier for them after birth to learning these languages.

4. Now close your eyes, put one hand on your tummy, take deep breathes, and relax completely. Now try to connect with your child by imagining her/him somewhere in the womb. 

5. If you are in the last trimester of your pregnancy, you will feel the movements of your child and imagine the clear features of your baby in your thoughts. 

6. Once you get that connect then start talking with your child in a very loving calming and soothing voice.

7. You can either talk louder or in your thoughts without pronouncing the words. Try speaking out and involve your partner too. He can also speak out his heart, emotions, and feelings towards the baby.

8. The couples who practice garbhasamvad regularly get very surprising responses from the babies through kicks in the last trimester especially after 28 weeks and this is the most emotional and memorable experience of a lifetime

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