WOMB- World Of My Baby

As the best parent, everyone tries to protect their child in all possible ways. Our parents did the same to us and still do it. Once the child is in this world, parents try to nurture them in a positive environment, they try hard to give them the best knowledge, keep away the child from unhealthy things and habits, and take care that they are not exposed to unhealthy people around or fall into a bad company, teach them different skills and arts, provide them with all those materialistic needs to live a good life. And I know even you are on the verge of the same parenting thoughts, which is a very good thing and each one of us should do this with all our heart and care for our children by stretching ourselves to the maximum capability.

Now have you ever thought about why we keep on doing the above-said things as a parent or a guardian? Is it because the child is growing, or the child is too tender and small, or it is our responsibility as we decide and give birth to bring them into this world, or we want to make them good humans one day with these sanskaras. Each and every point penned here is correct. Right! But if we prioritize then the first point tops the list- the child is growing. Growing physically, mentally, and emotionally. And whenever growth happens there is a struggle. Without struggle and effort growth cannot happen. The only thing which helps in this struggling phase is a nourishing environment. This is the reason where parenting comes into the picture. Parents are those nurturers who help their children to grow.

Now answer my question very thoughtfully. Don’t you think that a fetus or a baby in the womb is growing? Yes or No? Growing from a single cell to a three-kilogram tiny human. Yes! The growth is happening at every passing second here. The cells are multiplying, new tissues are building, organs are forming, systems are maturing, and your little one is taking a nicer shape day by day. You will be amazed to know that right from the 5th week (the time when you get to know about your pregnancy) the “embryonic period” starts. This is when all the baby’s major systems and structures develop. The embryo’s cells multiply and start to take on specific functions. This is called differentiation. Blood cells, kidney cells, and nerve cells all develop. Now if we compare the growth in the womb during nine months with the growth outside, which one is faster and more complicated. Obviously, you will vote for the growth in the womb. Then why are we not so careful with this phase of growth? Why are pregnancies not treated as an important and special phase? “Usme kya badi baat hai, bacche toh sabko hote hai”- And here comes the role of perception, the way you think, the way you act, and with a deep introspection you will understand that you are not just reproducing but you are making and shaping the child in your womb. And here I keep my words very strongly that pregnancy is a phase where your womb needs the maximum nourishment. It needs to be nurtured well as this is the most delicate phase of growth in human life. Now nourishment doesn’t mean only eating good and taking prenatal supplements but here this word has a wider and deeper meaning. It’s about the physical, mental, and emotional nourishment of the pregnant mother, of the womb. Your womb is the world of your baby from where it takes nutrition, learns, feels, listens, reacts, and grows.

Physical nourishment is about your diet and nutrition. Nutrition during pregnancy is not only about hot or cold potency foods but it has to be about the nutrition demand of the growing baby, mother’s need, Prana element in the diet, Satvik qualities, Panchamahabhuta sangathan (composition of five basic elements) in the food and the capability to control the complications and risks. So choose a doctor or an expert who not only tells you whether dates are hot or cold in potency but also has sound knowledge of the subject of Aahar and Agni

Next comes mental nourishment. Yes! This is the burning problem of the world. Each one of us is struggling for peace of mind. How come your little one assures a good womb environment if a mother is not at peace. It makes sense, isn’t it! As we discussed earlier, children are small and they don’t understand good or bad so we need to be their guide and teacher. Similarly, your growing baby in the womb doesn’t understand or does not have the filter to differentiate between good and bad hormones, happy or harmful thoughts. The baby accepts everything which is coming into her world- the womb. The remote of this filter is with the mother. She needs to understand this. If you hate someone around you and you keep on thinking negatively about that person or the incident, your child will also feel the same through hormones. The quality of hatred ness will be registered in the baby’s brain center. Now you might feel that hatreds, anger, envy, and jealousy are also natural emotions like love, care, kindness, and gratitude right? Yes! These are natural and every human should feel, experience, and understand all of those but ..but…but the balance is very important here. The dominating one will rule. If you nurture continuously with happiness, love, and kindness then definitely those brain centers will be activated more creating the strong foundation and architecture of the baby’s brain. And most importantly these centers contribute to the basic personality traits of the human body.

Jijabai gave birth to Shivaji. Shivaji was strong, courageous, and kind-hearted, caring at the same time. This was possible because Jijabai had control of her thoughts. She knew which people to avoid to keep herself at peace. She kept herself engaged in creativity, learning new skills while Shivaji was growing in her womb which activated her child’s brain centers of creativity. She made sure that her attitude will always be positive by fighting for justice and the right things for her people. She treated herself as a queen and carried that confidence with her own skills, not because people treated her as a queen. Here is the difference to note. We feel like princesses when someone pampers us and like a slave the next day when materialistic happiness is over. We give them control of our thoughts and emotions to the world and lose control of our baby’s world. This is emotional nourishment. Do not allow others to control your emotions. Avoiding the unpleasant atmosphere, unkind people, and bad companies is the best mantra to keep your womb healthy. Not just avoid them but at the same time learn to leave. Do not think about them, try to be neutral- no positive or negative thinking, just redirect your thoughts and actions to some other more pleasant and fortunate things. The most fortunate thing which gives you pleasure at this time is your baby. So start talking with your baby. You will automatically land in a world of peace and happiness. Other good options to divert yourselves are meditations, affirmations, soothing music, and spirituality.

Till you read this line, I hope you are convinced that WOMB is just not a place where your baby grows but it is the world of your baby and hence Ayurveda defined the concept of Garbhini Paricharya (garbh sanskar is a part of this) which ensures a healthy womb environment. Each and every pregnant couple should try to understand the depth of Ayurvedic practices like Garbhini Paricharya and follow them during pregnancy to bring healthy and happy babies into this world.

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WOMB- World Of My Baby

As the best parent, everyone tries to protect their child in all possible ways. Our parents did the same to us and still do it.

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