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Happy Souls

Happy Souls

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Abhyanga Snanam – Ayurveda’s take

For many out there Diwali is the festival of lights. But If you ask me what is Diwali, I would say “Diwali is a wisely incorporated culture to achieve the balance i.e swasthya in a human body. This festival is

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WOMB- World Of My Baby

As the best parent, everyone tries to protect their child in all possible ways. Our parents did the same to us and still do it. Once the child is in this world, parents try to nurture them in a positive

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Traditional Recipes for a Healthy Pregnancy

At their core, traditional recipes are a way of ensuring you’re eating what your body needs to stay healthy and feeling good. Each recipe has been passed down for generations, tested for accuracy by thousands of women, and perfected through

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Important tests in pregnancy

Important Tests in Pregnancy

Important tests in pregnancy Pregnancy is celebrated and protected as well. With advanced science, newer tests and screenings aid us to make this journey safe and transparent. Let us look a bit deeper important screening and diagnostic tests to be

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Diet tips for pregnancy

Diet Tips for Pregnancy

Diet Tips for pregnancy As the body and the life within are sustained by food, Indian culture places food next to God. Bhagwat Geeta says “Annam bramha” i.e. food is the highest form of energy. Pregnancy is the most important phase

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How to Increase Breastmilk

How to increase breastmilk 5. Inadequate rest and improper diet   Sleep deprivation raises the level of stress hormone like cortisol which inhibits the milk reflex and due to supply and demand mechanism eventually results in less milk production.

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