15 Things to Avoid in Pregnancy?

15 Things to Avoid in Pregnancy

15 Things to Avoid in Pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a big deal nowadays. Our lifestyle has changed a lot and simple rules also come as restrictions for us. A new life growing inside you is a very delicate process and the daily routine and habits of the mother have a huge impact on it. Along with the to-be mother, it is also the responsibility of family members to take care of and protect her.

We all have a list of Do’s in pregnancy and one should follow it thoroughly. Let us not ignore the Dont’s part and have a look at it as well.

1. Do not sit on hard, uncomfortable, and uneven surfaces. 

Sit up with your back straight and shoulders back, your buttocks should touch the back of the chair, distribute your body weight on both hips evenly, keep hips and knees at the right angle, legs should not be crossed, and your feet should be flat on the floor.

 2. Do not sit in the same position for more than 30 minutes.

This will help the baby to grow in the proper position and avoid the pressure of growing uterus on your tail bone in later months.

 3. Do not hold the urge of urination, flatulence, and defaecation.

Holding the urge of flatulence might put pressure on the uterus and causes burping and chest burning sensation. Holding the urge of urination increase the chances of urine infection and the filled bladder may cramp on the uterus putting pressure on it. Holding the urge of defaecation affects your desire to eat causing anorexia. Make sure you get crystal clear urine-like water every day and soft stools with no straining. 

 4. Do not perform the strenuous workout in gyms, swimming, or heavy weightlifting. 

Heavy physical activities or improper exercises affect your baby’s growth. If you want to pick an object which is lower than your waist level, keep your back straight and bend at your knees and hips. Do not bend at the waist level by keeping your knees straight. 

 5. Do not eat spicy, hot, and junk food. Improper food habits directly affect a baby’s nutrition. 

 6. Do not lie down on the back or dorsal position for a longer time. In the first three months, you may lie in any position as the baby is very small and inside the pelvic bony cage. 

In the second trimester onwards avoid lying in a prone position i.e on your stomach face down.  

After the fifth month avoids the dorsal position for a longer time i.e lying on your back. You can rest for 15-30 mins on your back. 

  7. Don’t lie down on your back directly. The first sit, turn to your sides with the help of your hand and then lie down. 

 8. Do not sleep for more than 8-9 hours in normal circumstances. If needed, shift the sides. In later months, the tummy will drag while lying on the sides, hence take the support of a soft pillow.

 9. Do not allow yourself to encounter any kind of injury, especially to the stomach.

 10. Do not use tight-fitted innerwear, jeans, skirts as they interrupt blood circulation, instead wear loose clothes. Do not wear high heels.

 11. Do not travel on bad roads, avoid smaller vehicles like auto and mopeds as they have heavy vibrations. Especially the first three months and last two months, avoid traveling as much as possible.

 12. Avoid exposure to turbulent sound, loud music, hard-hitting sounds like crackers or DJ systems as it may lead to palpitations.

 13. Avoid intercourse during the first three months as the risk of injury to delicate organs is high due to wrong positions which may result in bleeding, white discharge, infection, and miscarriages sometimes. If the placenta is low lying, then one should avoid sex strictly. 

 14. Do not watch loud, horror, action-based movies. Do not watch serials that agitate jealousy, anger, betrayal, etc as it has a huge impact on the thoughts and emotional state of a person which directly affects a child’s emotional quotient.

 15. No smoking and drinking during pregnancy affect the mental, physical and intellectual level of your child. Passive smoking is equally dangerous hence family members should also act responsibly.

If one looks down in detail, it’s all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We wish you a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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