Conceiving and bringing a child to life is one of the major milestones every woman sets for herself. If you are planning and happen to miss periods or come across symptoms like morning sickness, mood swings, frequent urination, etc. you quickly go for UPT i.e. urine pregnancy test, the home kit pregnancy tests.

 2 dark lines will indicate that you are pregnant. UPT gives you hope but may end up giving false positive hope too. Hence, going for a proper early pregnancy scan is the next step to be taken. 


The presence of life growing inside you is monitored and confirmed via an early pregnancy scan. It establishes an estimated due date and hence is also called a dating scan. Among the recommended 4 scans in 9 months timeline, this is the first one. Pregnancy can be scanned from the 6th week, but for better results, post 7th week up to 12th week is recommended. You can scan earlier if you are having complaints like bleeding or severe abdominal cramps.

Why Early Pregnancy Scan?

 Early pregnancy scans are done to confirm:


 The Location of pregnancy


This scan rules out ectopic pregnancy, if any, and helps doctors to detect such pregnancies and manage them with the help of medicines and avoid surgeries.

If the fertilized egg is not implanted inside the uterus, but either in the fallopian tubes or anywhere in the abdominal cavity, then it is termed as Ectopic pregnancy, which is very risky for the patient and does not survive for a longer time. 

Singleton or multiple pregnancies (The Number of fetuses)


The scan confirms whether there are single, double, or multiple fetuses inside. Also, the chorionicity of these fetuses (whether they are growing with a single sac or multiple sacs) is known.


The Viability of pregnancy


To decide whether pregnancy can survive or not, three factors are taken into consideration.


1] Correspondence of LMP date (Last Menstrual Date) to the growth of baby.


2] The heartbeat of the Foetus appears from 5.5-6 weeks and is detectable on USG after 6 weeks of pregnancy. 


3] Location of the Foetus.


To know the exact date – Dating – Due to irregularity of menstrual cycle in PCOD patients, depending on LMP to calculate weeks of pregnancy is not suggested. In such cases, a scan helps to know the exact week of pregnancy, gestational age as well as calculate the expected delivery date i.e. EDD very precisely as the variations of the ultrasound calculations is very minimal during this period.


To detect internal bleed – In cases of Bleeding or spotting, damage to internal organs is detected by this scan. It helps the doctor to give appropriate medication and control the bleeding to avoid further complications like miscarriages.


To know about the swellings – Any kind of swelling like ovarian cysts, fibroids, tumors, or cysts in the fallopian tube, etc. is detected in this scan, which can be treated moving forward.

How is an Early Pregnancy Scan done?


An early pregnancy scan can be done either transabdominally or transvaginally. 


For transabdominal scan, also called an ultrasound scan, a gel is applied on the tummy and a hand-held transducer is moved over the abdomen to get images of the baby. For better images, drinking water is suggested as insufficiently filled or overfull bladder can often compromise image quality.


For a transvaginal scan, a vaginal transducer/ Ultrasound probe is properly placed inside a gel lubricated vagina. Now sound waves bounce off the internal organs and transmit pictures of your pelvis onto a monitor. You need to evacuate/empty your bladder before going to the scan. 

For better results, a Transvaginal scan is recommended.

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