Preparations for conception -Why don’t I conceive

Every expecting couple desire a healthy and virtuous baby. We all are loaded with information about caring about pregnant ladies, but what we miss is preparations for conception.

“As you sow, so shall you reap”, if you sow a healthy seed you will get a healthy crop. The same logic works with the human body too. Sowing a healthy seed in a healthy environment is the first and important step towards a healthy baby, and this step needs much more homework to be done.

To yield a healthy and good quality crop, one must consider the proper season, Ploughed and leveled land, Sufficient water, and good quality seed. Similarly, for a healthy baby one must consider the proper time to get pregnant, a healthy uterus and women’s body, essential nutrients for the baby’s growth, and good quality sperm and ovum.

Let’s explore each factor in detail.

1 -Proper time to get pregnant (proper season)

It refers to the state of mind of both partners before going for the actual process. The emotions which are going through both husband and wife’s mind has a lot of impact on fetus mind too. The parent’s state of mind before conception makes a huge influence on the mental state of the baby.

Both partners must be happily willing to have a baby. The relation between both partners should be trustworthy, they should give an ample amount of time to each other. They should be stress-free and economically ready to bring and nurture the child. They should be ready for parenting on emotional, physical, and mental levels. And if all these things are clear then we are ready with our first factor.


2 -Healthy uterus and women’s body (Ploughed and leveled land)


The healthy reproductive organs of the woman along with her general health is the aspect considered here. The uterus is the land where the seed is sown, fertilization process takes place in the uterine bed.


– Regular 28 days menstrual cycle every month with 4-5 days of bleeding is of importance.


– History of recurrent urinary tract infection is not a good sign and needs to be treated.


– Hormonal imbalances due to thyroid or overweight should be checked.


– The history of PCOD should be enquired about and treated properly.


3-Essential nutrients for baby’s growth (Sufficient water)


A balanced diet cannot be praised enough. Diet dictates your health, skin texture, enthusiasm level, activeness, thinking ability, mood, hormonal balance, etc. Hormonal balance directly affects fertility and hence consuming a proper diet has a huge role to play to increase the chances of conception.

Ayurveda recommends a specific diet to nourish and improve the quality of semen which is directly related to motility and count of sperms in males.


– Food items like milk, ghee, butter, dry dates, black raisins, figs, almonds, poppy seeds are advised.  


– Overnight soaked dry fruits are recommended.


– Milk is easily available and plays a very important role in the nourishment of shukra dhatu i.e. both male and female reproductive tissues.

It improves sperm and ovum quality eventually increasing the chances of conception hence both partners are recommended to take a glass of milk daily before going for conception. One can add Shatavari i.e asparagus racemosa for a woman as it strengthens the reproductive organs in women and ashwagandha i.e Withania somnifera to a glass full of milk with a teaspoon of honey and ghee for male.


– Ayurveda focuses on a formulation called “panchamrit

This is a homemade mixture – Mix 5 tsp of milk, 2 tsp of ghee, 1 tsp of curd, 1 tsp of sugar, and 1 tsp of honey and takes it early morning before breakfast.

It is good for both partners to improve the chances of conception as it strengthens your reproductive organs.

Along with all these recommendations, one can take a doctor’s advice for more specific medicines according to your prakritis i.e your medical condition, age, and sex.


4 -Good quality sperm and ovum (Good quality seeds)


 To improve the quality of sperm and ovum Ayurveda has suggested sharir shuddhi i.e. cleansing of the body system.


As per Acharaya Vagbhatta, all the faults/shortcomings of sperm and ovum can be reduced with the help of procedures like snehan, swedan, vaman, virechan and basti.


These procedures are used in ayurvedic science to maintain the equilibrium of tridoshas i.e vata, pitta and kapha which are considered to be the energies that govern the physiological activities in the body. Everyone doesn’t need all five procedures, Doctor decides the need according to prakritis i.e physical and medical condition.


These panchakarma procedures not only improve the quality of your sperm and ovum but also help in increasing the overall strength of your body and senses which will directly contribute to improving the chances of your conception.


Due to a changed and fast lifestyle, “pre-conception counseling” has become the need for couples all over the world. Stress, absence of proper diet and sleep, lack of exercise, polluted surroundings, low sexual desire, list of complications like PCOD, thyroid, obesity all these factors are documented hindrances in the fertility of both partners.


In these consultations, doctors focus on aspects like diet changes, exercise and activities, lifestyle modifications, and risk assessment.

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